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About DSJ & Company Accountants, Inc.

The owners of DSJ & Company Accountants Incorporated founded their company in early 2006 based on one simple principle. “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing it right!” The three owners of DSJ live and breathe this principle. They have over 75 years of experience in the accounting field and all three of the DSJ owners worked together for the same firm for over 20 years before starting their own company. Their individual strengths and disciplines compliment each other ensuring every client will be well represented. Each owner and all of the associates of DSJ pride themselves on doing their very best in everything they do, every time they do it.

DSJ is committed to improving the quality of their client’s financial reporting. DSJ will work directly with the client to gain a better understanding of the client’s needs and the challenges facing them. In order to achieve the best results, DSJ will meet with clients on a regular basis throughout the year. DSJ believes in building a long-term relationship with each and every client. They are passionate about helping their clients, their client’s success is DSJ’s success. DSJ truly believes in going the extra mile for their customers, thus they are available to their clients via cell phone and/or Nextel DC both during and after office hours.

DSJ & Company Accountants Incorporated is continually strengthening their portfolio. They pool their resources to allow them to better serve their clients. They are committed to learning through a variety of professional educational formats thus ensuring they are updated on any changes or laws in their field. All clients can be assured that they are in very capable hands at DSJ.

DSJ offers assistance with in-house accounting and computer needs as well as recommending accounting programs and computer systems for in-house use. In addition, DSJ has a strong background in construction accounting including job cost analysis. Visit our Services page for a full list of our services. Contact DSJ to see how our passionate knowledgeable staff can help you or your business.